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“New” attractive Hayuni – Quiquijana lines

With a tour organized by the municipality of Quiquijana that the municipality is promoting this place in the district for a tourist development and discouraging clandestine mining, given the high rate of minerals in the area, the intentions are very good, but it is not so easy to create a new attraction that can financially support 100 families We leave the city of Cusco at 6 AM the trip to Quiquijana is approx 1.45 hours stop at the From the main square there are approx 1.20 hour of trail to reach the community of approx 100 families , and then we continue to what they call Punta Highway another half hour and we reach a pampa where there are 5 things and there the journey ends by car the road is a trail in good condition this season, in total from Cusco we consider 4 hours approx.

The area is height approx 4000 to 4400 m in an alpaca area, several group of alpacas can be seen up close.

Quite easy hike alternate small climbs to planes there are several places to stop and take pictures or contemplate high mountain scenery, being more than 4500 m there is no vegetation but we saw some vizcachas and a group of alpaca that we could observe and take photos, from In the parking lot, you will reach a viewpoint at 4500 m in an hour, walking slowly and taking photos, the viewpoint allows us to see Ausangate up close and from afar without clear skies, the Salkantay, with the Vilcanota mountain range our view reaches Mahuayani.

We were accompanied by some community members with llama alpacas in typical costume, they clearly knew of our arrival because the municipality organized, from the viewpoint we continue for about 10 minutes walking down the coast to see the Hayuni Lines.

Apparently it is a natural conformation caused by a lava eruption over time various materials were created it is clear there are iron quartz among others creating lines in the rocks, and there is also the one that they name very particular wheels,
The place of not large dimensions needs a geological study to give us a history to these conformations, just as now nothing is known and leaves pure interpretations without a scientific foundation.

The tour continues arriving at the community houses where the community members rotate with an Andean lunch to the visitors in a neat, clean hut, clearly there are no tables and the bathrooms are dry (hollow in the floor).

All route plus lunch takes us very calmly 4 hours

Return to Cusco 4 hours approx.


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