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Tourist attractions of Tipon in Cusco

The archaeological park of Tipon is located near Oropesa in the Community of Choquepata, 27 km southeast of Cusco and is a tourist attraction located at 3560 m.a.s.l.

Enjoy the history, gastronomy and charm that Tipon offers us

During the visit to Tipon we will be able to explore and taste the different cultural and gastronomic tourist attractions that the region offers us.

This center was built mainly for the Inca Wiracocha as a private estate. In it you can see a set of terraces that adapt to the natural concavity. At the top we can see a mountain with the name of “Apu Cruz Moco”, here you can see a series of petroglyphs and springs.

At the top we will be able to appreciate its 43 vertical waterfalls, two ceremonial fountains, excellent catchment constructions and many terrace walls with hanging steps. These pendants served as stairs for workers to move from one terrace to another to maintain their harvest and planting.

We invite you to enjoy and live this charming and delicious experience.

Tipon is the masterpiece of our Inca ancestors. A water sanctuary that represents the way in which they conceived such an important resource as part of their cult that was the yacumama.

The archaeological center of Tipon

There are different characteristics that define these constructions as an important royal estate. The architectural conformation, the distribution of spaces and the stone finish are some of them.

Inca Imperial Quilting is considered a marvel of modern civil engineering by the Civil Engineers Association of the United States. All this thanks to its great work in high quality stone.

After having visited the archaeological center of Tipon, we cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy its rich gastronomy.

In this region, the guinea pig is considered as the delicacy of the Andes since pre-Inca times and can be found both in modern and rustic restaurants with the best of culinary art, there are also other varieties of food, but the guinea pig is the main dish and is accompanied of Andean potatoes, stuffed bell pepper, baked noodles and a delicious and aromatic ají de huacatay.

Finally, we invite you to enjoy and live this charming and delicious experience with your family or friends in the southern valley of Cusco with the Sap Holidays travel operator.

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